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Sluki & Co. law firm is a unique boutique office in the field of financial litigation and commercial law, specializing in civil commercial litigation in its various shades, with specialization in cases with complex economic aspects.
The founder of the firm and its head, attorney Roee Sluki, has been leading, for many years, complex, multi-party and wide-ranging litigation procedures in various branches of law; including Banking, Capital Market, Contracts, Real Estate, Corporations, and more.
Attorney Roee Sluki is skilled in argumentation, legal analysis and a comprehensive understanding of the court scene; as well as the integration of legal measures and their adaptation to the client's needs – in both business and personal terms.
Sluki & Co. law firm represents Israeli and foreign clients, in 'high profile' commercial disputes, on a variety of issues that are at the heart of conducting business; Including Control struggles in public companies and partnerships, Commercial disputes on a huge scale, Lawsuits regarding the deprivation, Oppression of the minority, the Responsibility of office bearers and more. 

Advocate Roee Sluki

Roee is a founding partner of Sluki & Co. law firm, and has extensive experience in representing complex, multi-party and wide-ranging litigation proceedings, in various branches of law; including Banking, Capital Market, Contracts, Real Estate, Corporations, etc. During his years of activity, Roee led legal teams In a series of complex litigation cases representing first class clients in all jurisdictions as well as in business mediation and arbitration procedures.
Roee is known as a brilliant lawyer with analytical legal thinking, who often succeeds thanks to his creativity and innovative thinking 'outside the box', to crack the most complex cases.
Roee is a holds a bachelor's degree in law (LLB) from the College of Management Academic Studies, and he is a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2002.

Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

Sluki & Co. firm specializes in representation of commercial litigation procedures, in all its aspects, and has a unique specialization in complex economic cases. The firm is considered one of the leading boutique firms in this field, and has successfully led many cases in all courts, including the Supreme Court.
The firm handles complex claims as well as arbitration and mediation procedures, dealing with business and civil-commercial disputes, control struggles in companies, disputes between shareholders and partners, claims by investors in the capital market, claims in the banking field, claims regarding real estate ventures, as well as in complex legal proceedings in various commercial sectors.
The complexity of the cases requires expertise, specialization and deep legal understanding; along with creative thinking and legal representation at the highest level.


Banking And Capital Market

Sluki & Co. firm in representing complex banking cases in front of significant financial systems, including the largest commercial banks in Israel. 
The firm has a solid reputation in the field of banking as well as banking and non-banking regulation in Israel, and it has accomplished significant legal successes and precedents in this field.
As it known, the world of banking is saturated with regulation and as a result, there are quite a few complex legal procedures that are conducted vis-a-vi the banking system. The firm's team has developed thorough and efficient working methods in front of this system, and is, in fact – a link between significant business and private clients and the banks. In this sense, the department's team helps its customers to maintain their current activities in a proper manner, under compliance with the various regulatory and compliance rules. All while providing discreet, effective and professional care to the department's clients.


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